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Creating Together

Creating Together

Since the Knit A Poem letters and our Outcast banner we’ve worked together on two secret projects.

Emma’s birthday mitts, an Outcast project for a special birthday.

The Skein Queen Hug Blanket, which the Outcasts contributed to along with other fans/friends of Skein Queen. Blogged about here.

Group projects are always fun but there’s something extra special about these secret projects. The knitters conspire and strategise to combine their efforts into something greater than what the individual would achieve. The finished objects end up with such fantastic stories of their creation.
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Knit a Poem

Knit a Poem

The Poetry Society celebrates it’s Centinary this year and part of the celebrations include the world’s first giant knitted poem.

Over 700 knitters from around the world are getting involved by knitting letters and blank squares in readiness for the grand unveiling of the top secret poem in October.

Outcast have been knitting squares and we’re proud to announce that next
Wednesday 9th September will be a special ‘Knit Togther’ night of sewing some of these squares plus some extras to take up with us to Iknit. The squares will be cerimoniously handed over to the lovely Poetry Society who have a stand at the event.

Join us for some poetry related knitting and sewing up, a cup of tea and slice of cake at Jelly in Reading from 7pm next Wednesday.

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