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Knit stools and Startitus

We’ve got a new space to fill at home so I’ve been drawn to inspiring ideas for the home. An article in Guardian a few weeks ago ticked a lot of the boxes for me (I was going to show you a peek here but I suspect it’s already lining the bottom of the rabbit hutch) – it showed bold, design-led knitted home accessories. At a price though, so maybe not ticking every box! That led me discover Knit Stools designed by Claire-anne O’Brien. Wouldn’t you just love to park your bun or tired feet on one of these?

Knit Stools, Claire-Anne O'Brien. Website: http://www.claireanneobrien.com/

I love the scale and construction of the knitted seatpads. They are reminiscent of hard cold iron chains and cables yet look amazingly tactile, squishy and inviting. Please can we have these at Jelly for knit nights.

Also, just wondering, is it just me or is Startitis a seasonal affliction? I’ll confess to what’s in my knitty basket for January … if you’ll tell me what’s yours and why ; )

New Year Startitis

1. The Knit-Night-Socks, requires no thinking. Round and round and round it goes … perfectly compliments tea-drinking, cake-eating and talking-with-hands.
2. The Meditative-Knit-Alone-Shawl, requires peace, concentration and repetition of the lace charts. I swear that THAT COLOUR lifts my spirits on the darkest of Winter nights.
3. The New-Two-at-a-time-Socks, because I’m susceptible to 2nd Sock Syndrome as well – as Startitis!
4. The Back-Burner-Cardigan, hibernating after home renovations, a trapped nerve and then Christmas gifts knitting finally destroyed all hope of me ever wearing this on Christmas Day.

There’s a few new yarn purchases in there too! (I have had a birthday so I’m allowed) They’re all begging to be wound … or just petted occasionally.

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