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One of the reasons I first started getting more involved with knitting was colour. Like a style of something but don’t like the colour that you can buy it in? Make one!

It has led to a worrying tendancy not to buy anything knitted though, as I always think ‘I could do that’ but then I never do, so I’m just very cold in winter (I’ve cheered up a lot now that spring has sprung!).

Sometimes I see a colour that I like and then wait for the right thing to knit in it, this colour I saw long before I could figure out what to knit with it, but I like the finished result.

The buttons and edge of my 'Peaks Island Hood' by Ysolda Teague

I often like a pattern for the colour of the item, rather than the pattern itself, and have to remember to pick out the shape of the item in my mind before committing to knitting it.

The real reason I’m writing about colour though, is the yarn that I got in July 2010 from Knit Nation, which was dyed by the talented Skein Queen.

Skein Queen's Crush yarn in Garden Bunting colourway

This makes me smile every time I look at it. It reminds me of summer and party ring biscuits and flowers.

So, what’s your favourite yarn colour?

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