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Today I made some chocolate fridge cakes, which Ive made since I was little.

One summer like most, we went to Gwithian  in North Cornwall and we went to the beach cafe and they served the nicest chocolate fridge cakes ever !!  Of course I had more than one and loved them so much I asked my mum if we could make them at home – but without the raisins – so once we were home mum found the recipe and we made them together for years to come . And one Wednesday a few years back knitwit came to knit night bringing the fridge cakes ! I was so happy that I spent the whole night talking to her about Cornwall and that very cafe where I first had them ! Soon after that one of the knit girls was having her birthday, so we all got together and made a cook book, now as I always wanted to join in I said I’d do a recipe too but knitwit beat me to it and typed out the fridgecakes recipe , so I now very confused as to what I was going to do but unwilling to give up called my grandma and got one of my favorite recipes from her.   Anyway soon everyone had typed out at least one recipe for the book, and mum who put the book together  copied some recipes for me and now I am finding myself searching for more  !!!!!!  And wishing I had a book like that .

This made me realise how great, creative and  lovely my extended family are !!!! It’s not my turn for a post but as my crazy aunt wunderbaum  is leaving I am going to help out and do hers for her – I didn’t just decide to she asked me !!!! I am going to miss her loads but will enjoy all  the extra typing !


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