How we work

We are a group of renegade artists and knitters who like making things together.

We meet the first and third Wednesday of every month! You don’t have to come every time, we will be here doing our thing or there doing something else. So if you want to join us, leave a comment on our blog or fill in a contact form and we will get back to you to tell you where to find us, kind of like a knit night on the road.

we are also on ravelry and you can join our group

How we work:

So you want to join, here’s a little bit about us…

Our group is becoming bigger and bigger, we are doing more things in public places, information is being set up with the blog, email newsletter, moderating the forums and we are also having to be more structured in how we approach things – filling out risk assessments for Jacksons, co-ordinating print material, organising masterclasses let alone just making it to knit night.

It is time to review how we manage things including the space which is provided by the jelly. Other groups/ individuals who use it pay a fee to jelly (jelly is a registered charity so any donations make a difference to its operation) – in artists case, it is £2 per head for meetings, for workshop delivery it is a % of income and for other occasional use the users make a donation or give support in kind for jelly.

However we outcastians can’t be referred to as occasional users of the space and there is added pressure on some of the outcastians to be supporting the group by buying refreshments, tidying up, washing up etc.

To make it more equitable there have been utterings and suggestions of bringing back the recommended minimum donation (originally discussed many moons ago) of 50p per week per person. This is not a large sum by any means but it would mean that it would go some way to covering milk, water, biscuits, use of the space, the cost of the website (domain name and hosting) and other costs that we incur such as pattern printing etc.

The donation would only be payable on the nights you attend. Please no IOUs either or paying in advance, rolling subs over etc. Theres too much to manage as it is without having to account for other people’s expenditure so just put your donation in the pot, put your name in the book each week and let’s keep it simple.

We think this may also make it easier for newbies who join as most people expect to pay something or bring something and by us having a kitty to get biscuits from means that we won’t swing from weeks when we have a plethora of nibbles to another week when the cupboard is bare.

Younger knitters/ future knitters are welcome too – as long as they respect the jelly space and understand that many of the items in the space are not part of knit night but belong to other people. We will reserve the right to ask that anyone who does not respect the space to leave.

We know it can be confusing and people hang back from making tea or helping themselves or even to washing up at the end but hell, go for it – we want the outcastians to feel the way it always has been – a group of knitty friends.  We want more people get involved with the cleaning up side of it and a commitment to doing at least 1 day of public knitting service each year. Doing the fun projects and events is part of who we are and not just an SNB group, we’re more special and amazing than that!

The group is managed by a group of amazing volunteers:
Melarno, Wildfennel and Wunderbaum look after knit nights and events
Kiknits is managing the email and updates
Knitwit looks after the facebook
If you have anything you’d like to offer please contact us.
To sign up to our newsletter/ email list either send an email to or sign up on our website here