An art historian in a previous life, I relocated from Milan to Reading at the end of last century in the pursuit of painter John Singer Sargent.

I have three loves in my life: art, photography and writing. Knitting comes in as one of the arts that make my eyes twinkle and my hands itchy.

����Usually, my knitting starts as something that takes some other shape in the making, like the mug cozy that became a wrist warmer or the cape that downsized to a Tudor collar. I am attracted to colour, texture and pattern and I am not afraid��to experiment and be led astray.

Ideally, I would love to be locked in the Victoria & Albert Museum for a whole night. I would have dinner with Dante Gabriel Rossetti in the Gamble and Poynter Rooms, wearing a Missoni gown and Prada knitted stockings, followed by a tour of the galleries, while Cecil Beaton is taking pictures and sipping a martini.  We would end up in the new ceramics rooms admiring Midcentury modern pottery – another favourite source of inspiration.

I also have a flickr page that I use as my visual diary – images always come to me before words do. http://www.flickr.com/photos/28389487@N03/