secrets of a teenage knitter

I’m from a family of tons of people who knit so – not surprisingly – I knit too ! Seven years ago (Although it was called something different then ) my mum decided to start a knitting group , a few years before  she had taught me , so it started in our dinning room with about seven of my mums friends and because I was only young I wasnt allowed to stay up for all of it so when I was told to go to bed I said Nanight and sat at the top of the stairs listening in to what they������ were saying . It almost always went on till the early hours of the morning the way they chattered on! But soon  there were too many to fit in our teeny tiny dinning room so we moved into mums work space then soon moved again into mums new office earlier this year.

so after all these years with my crazy aunts ( wildfennel/wunderbaum) and big sisters (melarno, bombella, knitwit, Maxine and Marge  ) and tons more of my extended family  I’m just as addicted to it as they are! xxx

so heres a bit more about me …

☺likes : knitting, talking, hand knits, music, my brother, his band, my mum, dog, cats, dad, going camping , being with my friends, knit night, sketching , art, books, galleries, films, festivals ������� GLASTONBURY ����� hot chocolate, shopping, doodling,taking photos, going to the sea, visiting family, going on trips to London & Oxford, The Simpsons, Chocolate .

☹Dislikes : courgettes ( !!!!!!!) Aubergines , Stinky feet , dads socks ,

At the moment I’m knitting a blue elephant (design by ysolda teague ) for my new baby cousin  – which is my first ever FIRST cousin!  Even though its a baby girl , the elephant looks really cute in blue and then I’m going to knit a peak island hood , with some wool I bought when outcasts had a sale !!!!!!! xxx

So I’m off the finish it, hopefully by next time I write on this blog !

xxxx ♥ xxxx