of the coast

well hello

I first learned to knit when I was tiny, sitting with my Nana for hours on end just makin’ stuff.  By the time I was a grown up I had completely forgotten how to knit, and after my Nana passed away I had a dream one night that I was knitting with her again.  I woke up, dug out some needles from my craft box, knit a few rows, was impressed, and promptly forgot all about it.  Years again after that I did a momentous trip to the Shetland Islands and to Fair Isle.  I figured it was high time to take up the noble art and here I am.

I am inspired by all things natural – from the beautiful shades of undyed wool, to the brilliant colours found in natural dyes.  I firmly believe in the handmade movement and the joy of making knitting fun.

Other than knitting, I am a keen photographer with a love of street and travel photography.  I have travelled a fair amount and am always that crazy person standing where I shouldn’t be to get a picture – whether it’s dangling off a cliff or in the middle of a demonstration against the government. 

Follow my photoblog at http://ofthecoast.co.uk