I’m a maker and never happier than when creating something with my hands. It doesn’t always have to be bright, stimulating or clever, but even the simplicity of plain natural materials makes me very contented and still in an otherwise chaotic life. I suppose it depends on my mood, which can be quite seasonal!

Knitting has always engaged me, although I never really found my mojo with it until recently. My uncle’s beautiful and talented girlfriend first taught me to knit, aged 8, and I loved our times together spent talking and gently clicking away but that ended abruptly when they broke up. I later joined a school knitting club and made (you guessed it!) a very boring garter stripe scarf with the school librarian. Then, aged 17, I made a big, net-like, fuzzy 80s sweater on BIG pins! – a knit-a-long with a mad cousin of mine. Then, aged 25, I slogged my way through a lace shawl for my first daughter.

Things really got interesting though about 18 months ago when I met Alabamawhirly and the Outcasts. Thanks to their infectious enthusiasm and constant strive to feed their creative thirst for all things woolly I’m away with the knit-fairies half the time. I (and my kin) now have sweaters, beautiful shawls and totally indulgent socks, hats and mittens. I never appreciated the touch and smell of real wool fibres until now, nor the simple yet ingenious construction of a well-fitting sweater. I have to add that these were all achieved thanks to the great designers out there writing patterns on Ravelry and my favourite book – Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I’m also so inspired by the incredible yarns that are available today, talented new knit/textile designers and the big events like iKnit Weekender, Unravel and Knit Nation. I’ve dipped my toe in the design pool too and hope that my background in print, typography and pattern will inspire me to freestyle with my knitting a little more … more about my fledging ideas will appear here.