knitting for art

Art, knit and crochet are my passion with no order of preference: all are one in my world.

Inspired by everything that goes on around me, yes everything.

Bright and colourful in life and personality, Aged 37, slightly dyslexic.

1 st knit

Hideous bag that was a basic rectangle with an eye cord strap on size 3mm needles, took me weeks.  I have never gone lower than an 8mm, knit wise since that Tunisian experience.


Films Labyrinth/dark crystal, any thing withTim burton, Johnny. Newly viewing Coraline basically any fantasy especially with puppets in. Currently watching Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst.

My music taste goes from Kate Bush to Iron Maiden, 80’s absolute radio station on my DAB.  Books, Alice in Wonderland any chick flick, Basic art history currently reading a bio on Marie Antoinette.

Thrift or charity shops, shabby chic and especially doily’s.

And lastly Blogging.


Any knit or crochet book that I can find, I cannot read a stitch or pattern but I’m obsessed with looking at what you can do if I could.

My on screen love (big crush), Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

I would class myself as extremely international, spent four and a half years living in Stockholm having just returned to the UK.

I always have used art in my life but it wasn’t until 2004 that I took myself back to school to take my art from outrageous decorating, walls covered in magazine collage, to actual canvas.

0ne year of Access to Art this was an introduction to what was available art wise to learn and study, this led to six months on a HND in fashion and Textiles, both course’s at Reading University, before moving to Sweden.

This is where my powerful passion for all things yarn related really took off, elaborate free-form dress using only knit and crochet and then layering canvas became my chosen style.

I have always used knitting or crochet in every art piece/project to date.

Some of my Achievements

An article in a Swedish knitting Book, “Knitted by me”

An exhibition of dresses and art in a local Swedish yarn store (Knit Lab)

Numerous mentions in blogs around the world, basically I’m a google hit.

Recent projects, other than moving country!

The official launch of ���Crochet Ducklings for River knit Graffiti”

Exhibiting my knitted (well mostly) crocheted graffiti in Reading Town centre.