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London, Paris, New York, Rome…..Reading

London, Paris, New York, Rome…..Reading





New York –

New York




Butter Market
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Why to visit a knit cafe……….

links  (Reasons why to knit)
bitch n stitch

yarn bomb

knitted graffiti

knitting clubs


Why visit ours
beacause we worth it! as the strap line goes

A bunch of talent, in fact to much talent for one room, designers, beginners, experts, helpers, planners, organisers  and artists.

Some thing for everyone……..some one for everyone

As of late we had a venue change

(art pad Jelly to Coopers(pub) now back to art pad Jelly)

It was cold and now its warm, so all knitter and crocheters welcome back.

Ravelry link to Reading Berkshire knitters- Outcasts.

The cafe is on the 1st and 3rd of the month…….6:30 until 9;-)


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