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An Italian Knit Night

An Italian Knit Night

Tonight, Wednesday 18 Jan, is Knit Night from 6.30pm until 9 at jelly ArtPad (that’s the one upstairs at 42 Market Place) and it is also the last Knit Night for Barbara before she returns to Milan – so that makes it Campari O’Clock?

In other news, to try to be more organised or otherwise known as “less-confusing” from forthwith the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening sessions shall be referred to as Knit Night, the 2nd Wednesday daytime sessions shall be Purl Day. Thank you to everyone who responded to our request for help locking and unlocking and blogging. So as Barbara departs, the team of Alison, Mel, Ella, Laura and Suzanne are joined by Gillian and Pat. Thank you all.

Ci vediamo alla serata dei lavoretti a maglia!


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