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Warming up for Winter

It was chilly and getting dark in Coopers at the last evening knit session so from the next session (2 November) we will return to the jelly at 42 Market Place on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

The daytime knit session (2nd Wednesday of each month ) will actually be in The Coopers this month for a change.

Keep warm, keep knitting

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A special treat of Llamas

Have you seen this?

It is a safe link so don’t worry, it just involves llamas and typing

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drawing knitting

I’ve been interested in combining knitting and drawing for a while, and so I’m keen to find other people working in similar areas. The image above is by Haley Lowther, and I saw it at Manchester Met’s BA Embroidery show in 2007 – and it’s stuck with me ever since. Her actual knitting was on an enormous scale – huge, huge pieces, photographed on a hillside and looking like contour maps – like you’d walked into a geographical drawing. The piece above is one of her drawings – also enormous – on paper which hung from ceiling to floor. They were based on the patterns of stitches and were made with all sorts of implements and paints/inks. So the lines were gloopy and fat, or spindly and delicate. And the image was so vast that it seemed to surround you and cut out everything else around.
I can still remember the work clearly, but the only reference I have is this one postcard. I’ve tried to find out what she’s doing now but she doesn’t seem to have anything on the internet . . .
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Shetland Wool Week Envy

Wish I could be there but then I get to spend time instead with my growing teenagers on their birthday 10/10.
Knitted presents anyone?

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