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erinsboroughlass knitted wellies


I can’t use the word ‘stashbusting’ without having the Kate Bush song ‘Cloudbusting’ playing in my head. This adds an air of upbeat determination, so I recommend listening to it while you’re reading this.


So, at the moment I am trying to decrease my stash by stashbusting – making things in order to use up my stash of yarn, rather than making new projects with new yarn. I’m not doing very well so far, but I haven’t bought any yarn for myself for over four months now, which is a bit of a record for me.

I’m trying to save money and empty the many boxes of yarn I realised I had when we moved house recently. I had managed to hide yarn all over our flat – at the bottom of cupboards, drawers, in bags, in the space between the legs of the coffee table… When I packed it all up I realised I had six boxes of yarn and found things I didn’t even know I owned.

It’s forcing me to look at the fibre more closely and think about what could be done with it, rather than picking the final object and buying what the pattern suggests. I am more creative with what I knit and I try new things because the pain of the expense of yarn purchasing is that little bit further behind me. There’s also the joy of the ‘Eureka!’ moment when the idea of what the yarn could be clicks into place.

My favourite stashbusted knit so far are some knitted slipper boot things that I made with some impulse buy yarn I bought in Jersey. They look more like knitted wellies than slippers, but they keep my feet toasty warm.

My oh so fetching knitted wellies.

It means I don’t know what my next project will be, I’ll just have a rumage through my boxes and see what I can find. But as Kate says, ‘I just know that something good is going to happen’.

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Garden art

Shower Puff, knitted Art.

Garden art created using a shower puff.

Below charity shop yarn, as really for art you can use any type, and my empty coffee cup for myself coppice amounts of coffee need to be consumed for any project.

This post is a little like a Blue Peter post of how to, unlike in the early 80′s when know one ever had any of the things needed to create the project a shower puff is pretty easy to come by.

Yes I do knit! I know that is is very unusual but I figured that I would include reference, a basic knit stitch.

I guess if I was to re-name it would be crochet for art but five years ago I didn’t realise that crochet would be my chosen choice of creating.

A recycled shower puff.

Completion of my garden art/wall hanging.

Photos taking in a distant memory of a lovely British Summers Day, little stitches
blowing neatly in the wind.

The main body is created using a shower puff that I unravelled and then carefully tore,
Picking up the edges using a crochet chain, then adding which ever stitches you like to join the panels.

Above the crochet twisty stitch, fondly tilted by myself;-)

I like the almost silhouette/shadow of the edging crochet stitches.

Above Knitted Stitches, using a large and small needle.

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Isn’t knitting for babies lovely?

My baby, Gracie, is 1 week old today.  Unsurprisingly I am just going to make you look at pictures of her – but she is modelling the few bits of baby knitting I did whilst pregnant.  Two pairs of booties that went in my hospital bag and my test knit of Ella Austin’s Highbury Vest (which is not a very boyish purple so lucky she turned out a girl!).  Now I know she’s a girl my needles are going into overdrive…

And just so big sister, Esme, doesn’t feel left out:

It’s a pretty special feeling putting your children in something you’ve made.

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September Heritage weekend – Outcast and Jackson Project

This year Jelly and Jacksons are working together again on a project for Reading’s Heritage Weekend – 9th to 11th September.

Suzanne and I had a chat with the lovely people at Jacksons and were excited by a book written by a member of staff. The book featured a collection of old photographs of the store and illustrated the changing fashions over the decades.

This has led me to design a piece of knitwear initally inspired by the Jacksons archive images. I researched vintage knitwear pieces with particular reference to one of my favourite fashion decades the 1920′s (see images from my sketchbook)

My garment is machine knitted using ‘stylecraft – 4 ply’ yarn available from Jacksons. The finished garment will be on display during the Heritage Weekend and during Septembers Third Thursday event. The image below shows a section of my garment for the Jacksons project.

Would you like to get involved with the project too?

How to get involved:

Last year the Outcasts designed a pattern to make a candle for the knitted Jacksons birthday cake.

This year we invite the Outcasts to design ‘vintage inspired’ hand knitted or crochet patterns. The patterns will be made available download online during the Jacksons Heritage weekend.

We would recommend that the patten should be for something small, made from one skein of yarn such as a brooches, cuffs, bracelets, socks, toys. The possibilites are endless and all ideas welcome. There is yarn left over from my garment which will be available for the Outcasts to use.

Deadline date for finished patterns: 1st September 2011

If you’d like to join in please register your interest in the comment box below and we will be in contact again soon with more info. I shall also be at knit night on Wednesday 3rd August to discuss the project.

Other wooly, crafty and fashiony dates for the diary of events happening in September:
5th to 11th September – Wool Week. Events all over the UK. See website for more info –
15th September – Jelly Third Thursday Event.
16th September – London Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2012
22nd to 28th September – Origin – Contemporary Craft Fair, Spitalfield Market, London.

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knit night venue change

Dear All
Just to let you know that for this week knit night will move to The Coopers Arms, 29-31 Market Place as Amys Ghost rehearsing at jelly on Wednesday 3 August. Amy will answer the phone for anyone who forgets and goes to jelly but see you all at the Coopers

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