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A bit of a pimp…

I belong to an online knitting group (ah, yes another one….) ~ the Etsyknitters ~ we receive daily mailings through our yahoo group which is worldwide and I was so excited to receive this mailing…..

Four years in Stockholm, it could only be one person …. knitting for art

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A Confession

My puppy loves yarn. In the worst possible way! That’s not the full confession, I’m building myself up to that…

This is my cute little puppy. He looks innocent enough. But leave him alone for a few minutes and this is what he does to yarn.

This photo was taken after an hours untangling. The kid silk could not be saved.

Tiny puppy doesn’t just love yarn to play with; he also loves hand knits -for eating! Look what he did to Intrepid Fox.

Don’t worry, my confession is not that I murdered my puppy in rage! Luckily Intrepid Fox made a full recovery after some surgery.

My mother warned me that a puppy would eat my yarn and I have to confess that I didn’t believe her. (That’s still not the confession!)

‘Don’t you let him eat my High Seas,’ my mum said. Which leads me to my confession…

Sorry mum!

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The Ultimate Festival of Knitting

Just a quick post to remind everyone that the ultimate festival of knitting is taking place in London this weekend. KNIT NATION is on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 at Imperial College London (South Kensington Campus), with a special preview evening on Friday 15. There’ll be a heady concoction of yarns and knick-knacks in the marketplace, and an impressive line-up of designers showcasing their work/talking/teaching.

Some of the Outcasts will be working with Skein Queen in the marketplace. Come and say hello!

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Talented friends and a wind knitting factory

MMmmmmmmm, yarn cake (what am I thinking after last weeks yarn sale and the gorgeous yarn club from skeinqueen, I surely have enough!).  There are so many things out there that I want to design and then things I have seen that I want to knit and then there are the talented designs from the outcast knitters:
The outcasts are aplenty with knitting talents, quirky, offbeat and beautiful so here’s a little snippet of some

Bombella: Ella has so many fab ideas, I had in my mind that I would only pick one piece but hell I can’t do that (in fact I would have picked all of them) but here are two cuties, the intrepid fox and the highbury vest.

KurlyKnits – Snowglade mitts

Billybrown – Porthmeor

Skeinqueen – sweet chicory socks

Joyuna A perfect pattern for anyone who bought some Angel at last weeks yarn sale, The Grateful Crane shawl

You can find all these patterns on Ravelry (and more).

Now all I need is probably one of these:

Wind Knit Factory

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