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Most wanted sweater

Most wanted sweater

I have been absolutely hooked on Danish drama series ‘The Killing‘ on BBC4. My obsession even extends to the gorgeous Nordic sweater worn day in, day out, by Sara Lund (actress Sofie Gråbøl).

Apart from being a great design, I think it’s because of the ease and comfort with which it’s worn and it makes me long to have a classic wool sweater again. My last one originally belonged to my Dad but I commandeered it in my student days to wear to college. Like a faithful, loyal old friend, ‘sweater’ and me survived art college, starting up a new home and through those first daunting years of motherhood – twice. The many colours of paint embedded in the stitchwork and cables could tell you the very minutiae of my life between the ages of 17–30. At that point, wearing thin and unravelling, I am ashamed to say that I finally binned it. So, I’m on a mission now – to replace that beloved old sweater. This time it will be different though. This time it will be hand-made by me.

I’m really thankful to my Dad though for loaning me his sweater. It’s like he never left my side throughout those years and I think the same can be said for gifting someone a personally hand-made sweater. If you would like to learn to knit there are lots of helpful knitting groups in and around Reading. Contact us if you’d like more details.

Other links for knitting patterns and support if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford the original Sara Lund sweater

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One of the reasons I first started getting more involved with knitting was colour. Like a style of something but don’t like the colour that you can buy it in? Make one!

It has led to a worrying tendancy not to buy anything knitted though, as I always think ‘I could do that’ but then I never do, so I’m just very cold in winter (I’ve cheered up a lot now that spring has sprung!).

Sometimes I see a colour that I like and then wait for the right thing to knit in it, this colour I saw long before I could figure out what to knit with it, but I like the finished result.

The buttons and edge of my 'Peaks Island Hood' by Ysolda Teague

I often like a pattern for the colour of the item, rather than the pattern itself, and have to remember to pick out the shape of the item in my mind before committing to knitting it.

The real reason I’m writing about colour though, is the yarn that I got in July 2010 from Knit Nation, which was dyed by the talented Skein Queen.

Skein Queen's Crush yarn in Garden Bunting colourway

This makes me smile every time I look at it. It reminds me of summer and party ring biscuits and flowers.

So, what’s your favourite yarn colour?

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Blog surfing and I found these, yes pants.

This was taken from the blog “what not to crochet” and it made me laugh, I’m not  sure of the original source but

key words such as Crochet, Comfortable and practical for girls ……….(VPL) VPT!

To my next topic

Not So Pants

A little bit of Royal Jolly

The article went something along the lines of knit your self an invite, it’s as Royal as I get.

The Knitted Corgis just make me smile, below its Will’s and Kate, just in case you missed that.;-)

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Reasons to buy handmade

Read below and sign up too, artists and makers NEED you

This is an excerpt from the UK Handmade campaign

Why Buy Handmade?
Buying from small independent businesses and individual makers has never been so important particuarly given the current economic climate. A recession can often be a perfect time to start a small business and the current cultural shift towards self-sufficiency means that a huge number of people are setting up on their own. Our own forum has over 2300 members with more joining daily!
Not only that but buying handmade has advantages and benefits that you won’t get buying from the larger stores on the high street.

* Many designer / makers will happily produce items that are made to order and bespoke so you can get something uniquely personal at surprisingly affordable prices because many designers don’t have the same overheads as shops.
* Buying locally reduces your carbon footprint because products haven’t been shipped from the other side of the world.
* Buying locally also means the money you spend stays in your area and boosts the local economy.
* Independant makers care about the things they make so building a relationship with local designer / makers means you are guaranteed outstanding customer service and exceptional quality.

I Am A Designer / Maker / Supporter – How Can I Get Involved?

* Firstly sign the pledge over on the campaign page and add your name to the cause.
* Tell everyone you know, friends, family and colleagues about the campaign and why they should buy from you and your fellow makers.
* Add the campaign badge to your blog or website (you can get the html code for the badge from the campaign page. If you do blog don’t forget to let UK Handmade know by leaving a comment on the campaign page!
* Share this article on twitter, digg, facebook etc).
* Tell UK Handmade what you are doing in your own area to support local businesses and designers to improve your own economy and help handmade in general and UK Handmade may post it on the website, contact with your stories!

Let’s get the UK buying handmade!!

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