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Details of a new exhibition combining ‘contemporary knitwear art and “couture canvases”‘ spotted in the Independent today. Called ‘Bruce’ the exhibition opens on 4th February in Soho, in a gallery called Maison Bertaux Gallery which ‘doubles as a tiny cake-shop and tea-room’. Anyone planning to go?

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My Week

This week

I discover we are the last on earth?

Carried out a little local graffiti.

Blank page

Spent an afternoon at Jelly

Thursday third arty Thursday.
What can I say,wow The place was oozing with artists and arty people a few familiar faces but packed with new.
Picnic supplied the veggie lunch that was gorgeous a snip at £3:30.
Paul kessling ( ) the in house artist demonstrated, chatted and carried out a kind of question and answer! We watched the  Progression of the art piece accompanied by a very professional and interesting talk .

It really was a truly Inspiring afternoon.

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A celebration to finished knits

I had this idea to start with that this post would be about some little treats I found for you all like this link to all the BBC afternoon plays from 2007 to listen to whilst knitting and then an article on a knitting win but that has slipped from my brain, and then an extraordinary cardigan from Cardigan is here, someone posted on the outcasts page this but instead I think I am going to applaud the completion of the Ishbel by Wildfennel, for those of you aren’t on facebook – this has been a long time in the brewing but it is amazing… well done B

The Amazing Ishbel

Here’s chinking a Campari at you B!
So anyone else got any lingering knits or WIP’s that need to finish brewing?

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Stitch-Hacking and Pattern-Blagging: A manifesto

In September (last year !) at the knitting conference in Shetland Sue and I met Amy Twigger-Holroyd. Amy is the designer and maker behind the brand Keep and Share.

Amy’s talk at the conference was about her manifesto – ‘Stitch-Hacking and Pattern-Blagging’. Amy explained that in the Victorian era when an important building was built the maker or designers initials and year it was compleated was encapsulated in the making/building process linking that work to the maker. Many knitters spend hours carefully repoducing a garment from a pattern but leave no trace or signiture on the piece that they made it themselves. Amy calls to knitters to blag patterns with a tag of their intitals and date which is encorporated into the exsiting design to show evidence of the makers hard work. She also says that a garment has more meaning and you are less likely to throw it away when you make it yourself so she is also asking people to hack into exsiting manufactured garments and reorganise stitches to claim it as their own.

In Amy’s words stitch hacking is:

The laddering and reconfiguration of stitches in an existing knitted garment

and pattern-blagging is:

the modification of an existing knitting or crochet pattern to create a personalised item

When I heard Amy’s manifesto I thought this would be right up the Outcasts street as many Outcasts already modify, reorganise and upcycle existing patterns and garments to give them their own unique twist.

The aim of the maniesto and Amy’s mission is:

To free knitters from the confines of ‘set’ knitting patterns, and allow wearers to make their mark on their knitted garments. To encourage the creation of emotionally significant, long-lasting knitted items through the integral inclusion of meaningful personal information.

To offer makers the chance to make creative decisions, to express themselves both personally and politically, and to record the time invested in a piece.

To direct viewers to reflect on the origin and individuality of knitted garments in wider terms.

Amy has invited the Outcasts to join her on her quest to hack and blag existing knitting patterns and garments and share the responses to the manifesto with her.

As with all manifestos there are some rules and guidelines to the process. Amy’s rules are as follows:

1. Select a tired knitted
garment to hack.

2. Use the stitch-hacking
technique to apply a design to
suitable areas of the garment.

Pattern Blagging
1. Select an existing knit or
crochet pattern to follow.

2. Modify the pattern to add
personalised content through
structural techniques (e.g. lace)

ALL designs (Stitch Hacking and Pattern Blagging)
3. Designs should include any or all of the following:
- references to the identity of the maker/hacker/blagger
- references to the original garment or pattern source
- references to give a sense of time
- references to give a sense of place

4. Designs should only use letters, numbers and symbols.

5. Designs will be unique, and appropriate only to the selected garment.
Universal designs should not be attempted.

6. Show your working.

To share your responses to the manifesto please email them to Amy at

A copy of the manifesto will also be available at the Outcast knitting group.

Manifesto created by Amy Twigger Holroyd, Hereford 2010
Share your responses to the manifesto! Email images to
Copyleft: all users have the freedom to use the work, to study the work, to copy and share the
work with others, to modify the work, and to distribute modified and therefore derivative works.
Any such works must also be distributed under a copyleft licence.

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