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Outside:Inside Festival

This weekend we are mostly recovering from last weekend which was the finale of the Outside:Inside Festival that had been taking place all month in and out around Reading.

The arrival of Outcasts on the scene last Saturday was heralded by a flurry of press activity; the terms “renegade knitters” and “GIANT picnic blanket” were used to whip up the festival goers in to a knitting frenzy.

We set up shop in Market Place with Outcastian Knitting for Art’s knitted graffiti hung around us and our GIANT picnic blanket being worked on throughout the day. It was very exciting with live knitting, crochet and sewing-up out on the streets.

There were lots of lovely people who stopped to say hello, or to rest their feet and have a quick knit. We were even given a bottle of beer by some fellow who obviously thought we needed it!

It was great day and very cool to be part of such a wonderful festival!

Checkout Outcasts on Facebook for further photos of the event.

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A wet weekend

sssshhh, don’t tell anyone else I am here but I was looking at knitting for art’s work and this made me smile.

(ps it is actually sunshine right now as I write this but last night was a very wet Friday night at Reading Festival 2010)

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Last minute change of plans

Due to the expected awful weather tomorrow we’re having to relocate from
Forbury Gardens. We’ll be around town at various locations all day.

We’ll be updating our whereabouts on our Facebook and on Twitter @outcastsuk so if you are popping down, check in to find out where we are.

Though we doubt you’ll miss Alison Friday’s amazing knit graffiti and the ‘infamous’ GIANT blanket :)

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